Muslim Casket Package

Complete Funeral Service
from $1,335*

Price inclusive as listed below:

  • A Hearse Van with driver for transportation of deceased from Home to cemetery.
  • A Certified staff will bring all items rquired to perform showering and shrouding of decease.
  • Imam to perform showering rites / shrouding and solat.
  • An air-conditioned bus for family members return trip to cemetery.
  • Wooden plank casing (papan long) & Temporary headstone (kayu nisan) for burial.
  • Ceramic name signboard for deceased.
  • Grass carpets for grave.
  • Drinks for family.

Extra Service Fees:

1. Burial Registration: Registration for burial at the Muslim Cemetery Registration Office (requirement by NEA).
- Adult fee: $315
- Child fee: $140
- Body parts fee: $140

2. Option Services:
- Private funeral: $350
- Food for 50 pax: $150
- Additional bus: $170
- Add a passenger van: $150
- Add signboard & grass (For non standard package): $100

Overseas Service Package (International Import & Export)
Complete services with embalming and conffin for export. We also collect from overseas. Prices are based on case to case basic as Airfreight charges vary depending on Destination and Body Weight. Please contact us for quotation.